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How To Watch The Superbowl Online

Julio Cesar Morin  posted 8 hours ago

How To Watch The Superbowl Online
Cord-cutting, it is commonly known, isn't ideal for sports fans. There are just too many games that require a cable subscription to watch and pirating each one would be too cumbersome. Fortunately for those who want to tune into Superbowl XLVII this weekend, there are a few options that don't require a traditional TV setup. 
The Super Bowl will be streamed in its entirety from two main browser-based sources. First, there's NFL Live, which will feature "Road To the Super Bowl" and all the other pre-game programming beginning at 11am Eastern Time. The game itself kicks off at 6:30pm ET. You can also stream the whole thing from
The NFL's official mobile app will have a stream available as well, but it looks like you'll have to have a pay TV subscription through Verizon to get it. There are a number of Super Bowl and team-specific apps as well, but there's no indication that any of them will be offering a free stream. We'll certainly update this post if we learn otherwise. 
For some, the excitement doesn't come from the play-by-play but rather from the commercial breaks. Thankfully, the world's most expensive television ads will be available online as well. Hulu's Ad Zone will stream the commercials live as they air to all viewers, whether they subscribe to Hulu Plus or not.  A Hulu spokesperson confirmed that the service will not be live streaming the actual game, only the ads.  

The Super-Social #SuperBowl 

As is now standard with any major televised event, the Super Bowl will be unfolding on our second screens and social streams. GetGlue users will be able to unlock special Super Bowl-themed badges by checking into the game and its commercials. Doing so will also unlock a free month of Hulu Plus, thanks to a new partnership between the two companies. You'll also have the option of checking into the Super Bowl and following it on Miso, an Android and iOS app that is generally considered to be GetGlue's closest competitor. 
If you're not into the whole TV check-in thing, you can always follow the game on good, old fashioned Twitter. There are the official accounts for the Super BowlCBS Sports and theNFL, plus individual team accounts for the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.
The hashtags to watch (and use) are as follows: #SB47, CBSSuperBowl, #Ravens #SBRavens #RavenNation #49ers #Niners #QuestforSix.  Neither CBS nor the NFL is officially citing #SuperBowl as a Twitter hashtag, but we can't imagine it won't be used widely. 

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